What are pre-orders?
A pre-order is an order placed for our extra virgin olive oils which have not yet been produced. Pre- orders allow you to get your supply of olive oil this year including our early bird Olio Verde Novello.

Why is it important placing your pre-order?
Extra virgin olive oil production is on a yearly basis, therefore, pre-orders guarantee: – Availability of our New Harvest extra virgin olive oils
– Availability of our early bird Olio Verde Novello
– Quicker worldwide delivery
– The promotional discount offer

When to place a pre-order?
As soon as the thought comes up.

How to place a pre-order?
You may place your preorder through:
– Our website – “Contact Us” section – filling the web contact form
– E-mail to specifying “Preorder” in the subject

What is the procedure?
Once you have sent your pre-order, we will respond with the Promotional offer and a customized proposal, including the best transport solutions. We will send your ordered products wherever and whenever you desire.

Can I receive pre-ordered products in several deliveries?
One-step shipment is not mandatory. You may establish your preferred delivery dates throughout the year.

May I place special conditions with my pre-order?
Yes you may. We will be glad to customize your experience as much as possible.

Are there products available only by pre-orders?
All our products are available while stock lasts. Due to the high request, pre-orders are strongly recommended.

Have you missed your question?
Write to us and we will answer right away.