Olio Verde is a leader in the production of outstanding extra virgin olive oil. Its home is The Antica Tenuta dei Principi Pignatelli in western Sicily, on the grounds that were once the hunting woods of Frederick II and later of the Tagliavia Pignatelli Aragona Cortes. This noble family, among the most powerful figures of the Italian history between the thirteenth and the nineteenth century, turned their properties from leisure to agricultural estate, thus paving the way for the upcoming creation of “green gold” as only the best of olive oils is referred to.

In the second half of the twentieth century, the olive plantation and oil production methods of his ancestors was improved by the visionary maker of Olio Verde, an oil born from the most precious variety of local olives, the Nocellara, and deeply rooted in the rich red soil of the Belice terroir. The Olio Verde Family is the ultimate expression of the perpetuation and perfecting of a millenary tradition.


Since then, the Olio Verde Family has grown to embrace consumers, cooks, distributors around the world. It has thereby been contributing to raising awareness in regards to the value of quality, healthy, tasty, sound and ecologically friendly foods. Olio Verde conveys our culinary customs and its versatility lends itself to the taste of connoisseurs, amateurs, and cultures far removed from the Mediterranean and Sicily.

Today the Olio Verde Family comprises experts in agricolture, researchers in matters of taste, marketing and branding, hospitality aficionados, enthusiasts from every walk of life and of any style, travellers and home-dwellers, all marvelling at the flavors and colors of Olio Verde and its luxurious home, The House of Olio Verde – The Antica Tenuta Pignatelli.

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